Identified and verified

Identify verification is the core ingredient in the integrity of any financial system. Global identification is the greatest issue facing the 5 billion unbanked customers around the world. The V2ID system uses industry best practice partners and systems to electronically identify both sender and receiver.

Knowing your customer's ID, verified electronically, not only differentiates the V2PAY system, it will become the standard in global compliance terms in the future.

V2PAY partners with the global leaders in electronic ID verification, which powers the V2ID system, electronically identifying both sender and receiver within 7 seconds as a part of the registration process.

Know Your Customer

Achieve "category 1" and "category 2" country verification standards for most major corridors.

  • Mitigates risk through fraud reduction

  • Exceeds current compliance standards for AML and KYC

  • Virtual online global identity to international bank grade

  • Offers consumers greater security and peace of mind, thus enhancing the overall customer experience

2-Minute Signup Process

  1. Select your country of residence

  2. Enter accepted documents to prove your identification (Passport, National ID card, Green card, or Drivers licence)

  3. Applicant ID information instantly verified electronically against V2ID global database sources

  4. Applicant reviews and accepts Terms & Conditions

  5. Verified ID number sent to applicant via email and SMS


V2ID can process online up to 3.5 billion IDs


V2ID can process across 180 countries to bank standards.

Manual Verification

In countries where electronic ID verification is not yet available or forms of ID cannot be verified, users have two options to complete their registration.

Call Center

Applicant is routed to call centre to manage completion of ID process via manage document submission


Traditional paper-based methods of physical ID will be accepted at authorised V2ID over the counter locations.

Easy to fund a money transfer or virtual card

Customer enters source of funds information, such as bank account, credit/debit card or e-wallet. Unbanked customers can fund their account via cash over the counter.

Use existing identification data

If the criteria data format and collection methods are aligned, then a bank can overlay the V2ID process for new customer acquisition over its existing customer database.